Fur care – FaQ

How can I best store my fur?

Here are 5 tips for proper maintenance of your fur:
– keep the fur in a cool and ventilated place;
– hang the fur on a hanger with rounded shoulders and proportionate to the garment;
– avoid repeatedly carrying shoulder bags or belts that could affect the fur;
– remember that leather is an important part of fur: avoid spilling perfume (leather could dry out);
– never iron the fur lining at home: it will be irreparably damaged.

My fur got wet, now what?

Taking a shower can happen, but if the fur gets wet don’t worry!
The important thing is to shake it well without brushing it (you could detach a lot of hair!), and above all never put it to dry near heat sources (the leather could dry out).

We also remind you that it is a good rule not to keep the fur exposed to direct sunlight (this could change its color).

Summer housing is really necessary?

Leaving the fur in custody at Lunari Pellicce during the summer does not only mean taking it to a safe place, but keeping it in the most suitable place to keep it in an optimal state throughout the critical period.
In fact, remember that with heat and humidity the hair tends to dull and the tip can be broken more easily. Furthermore, being a natural product, leather alternates between sultry days and dry or breezy days and loses small particles of tanning element and inevitably loses elasticity: if it gets “dry", the fur can lose fur more easily.

By choosing to bring your fur in custody at Lunari Pellicce, not only will it be kept in rooms where the temperature, humidity and ventilation are strictly controlled, but you can also take advantage of a free check-up of the same. Our experts will be able to advise you on cleaning procedures and any maintenance interventions.

Is it possible to refurbish an old fur coat?

It happens to have an old fur in the closet, it may have belonged to the mother or grandmother, sorry to throw it away, given the emotional and economic value, but maybe it is a bit ruined or out of fashion.
What to do? Ultimately it only shows the signs of aging …
Instead of keeping that old fur there forgotten, you can contact Lunari Pellicce without obligation, expert staff will be able to advise you on the possibility of restoring it to a model or making a modern restyling.

Tips for storing fur at home in summer?

Even if it is not the optimal solution, it is possible to keep the fur at home in the summer, using some simple precautions:
– hang the fur in the wardrobe without covering it with any cloth: the fur must breathe;
– avoid humid environments;
– at least a couple of times a month, open the wardrobe leaving it open all day, so as to ensure adequate air exchange.