Lunari Fur&Fashion - About us

Tradition and innovation, this is the apparent contrast that has given shape and prestige to Lunari fur. The company has been operating in the fur sector in Rome for over 70 years and has become, taking advantage of the artisan principles introduced since the first day, a renowned spokesperson for the elegance and taste of fur in Rome.

A visit to Lunari Fur&Fashion showroom in Rome, located in via Vercelli (Appio-Tuscolano area), cannot fail to arouse immediate interest in the exclusive collection of fur, shearling, leather garments and fur-trimmed coats, the result of the professional activity of an expert team of stylists, cutters and machinists, coordinated by a young and dynamic staff, who contributes day after day to confer prestige on the company.

Additional services such as "made to measure" processing, fur estimation and exchange, fur custody and maintenance are the pride of Lunari Fur&Fashion.

Lunari Fur&Fashion - Shop online

or those who prefer to make their purchases comfortably seated in front of the PC, Lunari Fur&Fashion offers the same guarantee of quality also in the Shopping area of ​​the site.

Visit the area dedicated to your purchases, you will find all the necessary information for a safe and comfortable online shopping experience!